Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wool project

A bit off topic from our usual but I've been meaning to get this posted. Christmas eve it dawned on me that Wiggles didn't have a stocking! Her 1st Christmas stocking was being passed down to June Bug! So to the wool stash and I whipped up this. . .

I adore it! I obviously didn't have time to stitch her name all nice so fabric puffy paint was the trick.

I've got a great new spot at Palmerton Festival in September so I'm excited to fill it up with new designs. I'll be focusing on recycled wool. Partly because I love it and with the new regulations for selling childrens items, I'm going to have to stick with wool and other natural fibers. My head is full of ideas! Plus I always enjoy the challenge of building a new display! Oh I'm exicited and it's so far away!
Happy crafting!
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