Monday, January 10, 2011

A Peek into a school day

So ever wonder what we really do all day? Here's a tiny peek into what our day normally involves. Topics and activities change of course. I'll do my best to show you more here and there!
This morning started of with some geography. Sugar Bean wanted to check out her new world map for the Tag Reader. Her favorite place for today anyway was Alaska.

Then we moved onto pattern building using our Melissa and Doug magnetic pattern set and the great pattern cards that came with our Letter of the Week Curriculum. A perfect match!

Even tiny tot Wiggles joined in and surprised me!

Then we combined our LOTW number cards with our Math-u-See unit blocks. Theyre actually older Mortesen blocks I found on eBay for a steal but they work perfectly with MUS.

Wiggles decided to toss them around a bit!

Then we worked on our letter D from LOTW curriculum.

Then letter D sorting and Wiggles tossed around some letter cards.

Then some number tracing.

Then a bit of fine motor skill building.

More number fun.

Then we had a visit from Grammy & Auntie Hannah, ate lunch and naps. After nappy I promised to get in some Greek and maybe some painting.
Happy schooling y'all!

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  1. It's amazing how much little ones can learn ... and amazing how much progress comes with consistent "little bits" of teaching! Nice job, Supermom!