Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kiddos in the kitchen

With really no game plan today since Momma was sleep deprived from restless wee ones all night, I just went with the flow. Sometimes those are the days we have the most fun! My only goal was to get the kitchen clean which still isn't finished but atleast I can see the counter now!
Kiddos seemed to have the munchies today and I was feeling crazy so why not drag some snow inside! They really thought I was nuts when I let them prepare and eat Snow Ice Cream for lunch! For the recipe we used and instructions see fellow blogger. . .
Sugar Bean made pink and Wiggles made green.

Then they enjoyed sharing and mixing their creations!

June bug wanted to join in too!

This evening they came across a ladybug and insisted we rescue her. They brought me their orange slices from snack time to feed lil lady bug.

They intently kept an eye on her all evening.

We received our education blocks in the mail last night we purchases from amazon and I printed up our first set of cards and had them ready for the girls this morning.

You can get the cards from
The ones you see here go with the Letter of the Week Curriculum from our friend Erica at

Have fun learning!
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