Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Until we get up the actual fencing around the yard I had to come up with a way to contain the children while I hang laundry and do yard work. So here's my solution! The Super Yard works perfectly keeping them from running off! Mind you Jocelyn doesn't stay in there too long since she prefers sitting on the steps writing with her sidewalk chalk or helping in her garden, but for the most part it's working out just fine. I'm considering investing in a couple more panels to make it just a tiny bit bigger. It fits nicely under our flowering shade bush that I've trimmed up like a canopy over their play area. That way they have partial to full shade all day.
Anything to keep them safe and my life a tiny bit easier!


I'm sewing like crazy and just want to keep one of everything!
I LOVE this Cute OWL print!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sunshine means new dresses!

The beautiful weather brings out pretty blooming flowers and the perfect excuse to make sundresses! Jocelyn has outgrown nearly everything so before we go wardrobe shopping for summer, why not start with a smocked sundress perfect for her little sisters birthday party and for Easter. Now I can't wait til she wakes up from her nap and tries it on! Pictures a bit hard to see the detail but better pics over the weekend when she gets to wear it...yea!
For great instructions on easy smocking go to the Martha Stewart Website and search "smocked sundress" includes video instruction, too!

Recycled Sweaters & Party Hats!

Crafty Crafty! Don't know what it is but I'm just full of ideas and things to do this week! Next on the list a cute outfit for Jocelyn maybe? So thanks to a fellow blogger Katrina's inspiration and a great pattern I made up a ton of longies and soakers. They are perfect and soooo easy to make, I was actually surprised. I recycled the wool sweaters I picked up on my last trip to the Salval. SO SOFT!

Then it was time to get crafy with some party hats! The birthday girl has her own that I had bought for Jocelyns first birthday and it is being used for every birthday girls party. But now that there's a wee bit of jealousy to contend with, I thought a new party for Jocelyn and her cousin would be perfect! So after burning my fingers with my dreaded glue gun we came up with some cute and appropriate party hats. I did Jocelyns on a head band to make it easier for her to get on and off. Her cousin Anthony's is just cool and I stuck with the classic elastic.
Off to actually get some chores done and of course make something else! WEEEE!