Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eco Fest... Good Bad & the Ugly

High Expectations for the annual
2009 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Festival.
I totally envisioned a jam packed event that would send me home begging for more. With stands of practical info, hands on demos of gardening, solar, and wind uses. Lets just say I was slightly disappointed, granted I went home with loads of info but the experience itself left me dry and empty.
(photo of Jocelyn drinking her Capri sun that I recycle sitting under the wind turbine that I wanted to steal!)
First off you would think with vendors spending over $300 for a spot not to mention the $1 parking and $12 entrance fee, you'd be inundated with cool demos and products. Quite the opposite, the majority of tables were strewn with pamphlet after pamphlet of info I could of stayed home and found on my computer. Okay so maybe helpful for the computer illiterate. Mind you most of the folks behind those tables were more than eager to point out how their product was far superior to the next gentleman's across the row. Yes, please tell me how you $40,000 solar home system is better than the exact same one I just saw 5 minutes ago. Or how about those windows that every company across America produces. What's so darn special about yours? So you want to come to my house and do a energy audit just so you can tell me what I already hundred year old home is drafty and far from efficient. Now you can sell me that ridiculously expensive product that will make it all better! How about this take that product and put it where the sun don't shine and allow me to show you how I can conserve energy for just pennies. (If you really want me to tell you wait for another blog post!) Okay so maybe I'm being a little harsh but seriously the average American can only dream of having these wonderful products. We have children to feed, bills to pay, homes and vehicles to repair. Last thing we need is another loan to cover the cost of the gadget that won't even pay for itself until 2050. Yes government grants..blah...blah...blah, um? Your going to depend on Uncle Sam, have you learned NOTHING! (We're not going to talk politics because you know I'll just argue with you and tell you how stupid you are for voting for you know who soooo...) Okay so back the the festival.....
I did crack up when I took the girls to the bathroom to discover they overlooked a green low flow toilets or water saving faucets. Just funny.
One vendor in particular stood out for me. She was displaying a liquid vitamin that she insisted I should sample..."Here have a taste, it's the best thing you'll ever do." Um...hello? Sure I'll just drink some of your poisoned mystery beverage and drop dead together with everyone else. I don't know whats in that stuff! Not to mention fruits and veggies hold all their vitamins when they are fresh....process and bottle them with is that green? Seriously whoever was in charge of picking these vendors doesn't have a clue about the "green" factor.
Have you heard of the group who believes the only thing we can do to better our environment is "genocide". Yes you read it right, they are convinced that in order to cleanse and better our planet we need to wipe out the human race and start over! These people are going to extremes that I'm not even willing to post here. God have mercy on us all!
On a positive note there were a few pretty awesome stands (I'll include a list of my favorites at the end) like the recycled toothbrushes, hemp goods, bamboo clothing, Rodale books (I LOVE! but prefer to buy them used online), local farmers with honey, goats milk and cheese, herbs and indigenous plants. Experimental vehicles run on various biofuels and homemade mystery fuels.
The food stands which we passed up due to their high festival prices were providing a small variety of foods that you wouldn't find at your average fest. Wheat pizza, organic snacks, local free range meats, and of course plenty of vegan dishes. Apparently the extremists think my chickens I'm raising for eggs is a strike against my "Eco" standing.
Everyones view on "eco" or "green" is different and by all means you have the God given right to believe whatever you want. Personally I believe living simply, being self sufficient, using sustainable products, living along with nature not against it, being thrifty with what you given, teaching and sharing with those around us, fair trade, renewable clean energy, blah...blah...blah... I could go on but ...LOL!
We need to look at life as the "whole" picture. It's not just us right now. It's not just what you're doing this second. It's how it's going to affect others, where it's going, will it harm anything? I've noticed that a large portion of the older generation and the uneducated feel there's no point in doing our little part to save the environment. To them I say, If you care about your children and grandchildrens future you'd do something. It's up to us right now to secure their futures with clean air and clean water, to teach them how to provide for themselves and how to share with others. If we don't teach them someone else will and you may not like who they become. May we each do our part in securing our childrens future..... recycle something, lend a hand to your neighbor, replace one cleaning product with a safer eco-friendly product, walk or car pool to run your errands. DOING SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! Green party of the US Green party of PA check out their Shumei Natural Garden line dry and save our sky! check out what this soap is made from! Support African artisans beautiful sustainable utensils super yummy goods from hemp
Check out these cool sites for green energy, buying local, even green political stands!
(PLEASE pardon any grammer errors along the way....when I get going I don't look back!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Life and more time!

Fall is fast approaching and time seems to be slipping through my hands. My list of "To Do's" just keeps getting longer with no end in sight. There is just so much I want to do and things I want the babies to experience. Tomorrow is a day out with just me and the two little ones. Errands... the only thing that drags me out of the house when I have too much to do already. Sunday I'm taking the wee ones and hopefully James cousin to the PA renewable energy and sustainable living festival in Kempton PA. Was kinda a last minute thing but I'm so excited. Mingling with some like minded folks who are just as excited about "free sustainable living" as I am.

I've been putting my "career" on hold for a while now and just picking up a client here or there. But I decided it was time to stretch out a bit, so I just accepted a job with a local organic spa as an independant contractor providing Massage Therapy. Only picking a few evenings a week for right now since I don't want to stretch myself too thin.

Now it's off to do some research on a few projects...... seeding the hillside with a cover crop, rigging my rain barrel, finishing my green roof chicken coop, building the cold frame for some winter veggies, how to finish an attic, a dozen remodel projects, and how to get rid of those darn bees!