Friday, September 18, 2009

Life and more time!

Fall is fast approaching and time seems to be slipping through my hands. My list of "To Do's" just keeps getting longer with no end in sight. There is just so much I want to do and things I want the babies to experience. Tomorrow is a day out with just me and the two little ones. Errands... the only thing that drags me out of the house when I have too much to do already. Sunday I'm taking the wee ones and hopefully James cousin to the PA renewable energy and sustainable living festival in Kempton PA. Was kinda a last minute thing but I'm so excited. Mingling with some like minded folks who are just as excited about "free sustainable living" as I am.

I've been putting my "career" on hold for a while now and just picking up a client here or there. But I decided it was time to stretch out a bit, so I just accepted a job with a local organic spa as an independant contractor providing Massage Therapy. Only picking a few evenings a week for right now since I don't want to stretch myself too thin.

Now it's off to do some research on a few projects...... seeding the hillside with a cover crop, rigging my rain barrel, finishing my green roof chicken coop, building the cold frame for some winter veggies, how to finish an attic, a dozen remodel projects, and how to get rid of those darn bees!

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  1. don't worry about getting it all done - the list just gets longer as you get older! So just enjoy it!!!!