Thursday, April 1, 2010

Recycled Sweaters & Party Hats!

Crafty Crafty! Don't know what it is but I'm just full of ideas and things to do this week! Next on the list a cute outfit for Jocelyn maybe? So thanks to a fellow blogger Katrina's inspiration and a great pattern I made up a ton of longies and soakers. They are perfect and soooo easy to make, I was actually surprised. I recycled the wool sweaters I picked up on my last trip to the Salval. SO SOFT!

Then it was time to get crafy with some party hats! The birthday girl has her own that I had bought for Jocelyns first birthday and it is being used for every birthday girls party. But now that there's a wee bit of jealousy to contend with, I thought a new party for Jocelyn and her cousin would be perfect! So after burning my fingers with my dreaded glue gun we came up with some cute and appropriate party hats. I did Jocelyns on a head band to make it easier for her to get on and off. Her cousin Anthony's is just cool and I stuck with the classic elastic.
Off to actually get some chores done and of course make something else! WEEEE!

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