Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"They're cute! Can we eat them now?"

It's been 9 months since we took in our feathered friends and hoped for eggs. The days, weeks, and months went by and no sight of eggs. Talk around the dinner table was if they didn't start pulling their weight we'd be having chicken dinner! The scene was becoming a bit depressing as over the long bitter cold winter we lost two of our hens leaving us with four birds to count on for possible eggs. They had been getting very "broody" and I was worried we may have to seriously eat them for dinner. "Why won't they just lay?" was the question. So we made some changes...bought different feed, pulled the half roof off the outside pen to let in more light, added crushed oyster shell to their feed, increased their table scrap "greens" etc.

Well to my great surprise after doing some morning chores I headed up to feed and water the birds this morning. Taking a peek as usual to see if there were any eggs, when to my great surprise, it just couldn't be....... TWO EGGS!!!!!!! The neighbors had to hear my squeals of excitement as I praised our birds for a job well done and ran back in the house to show Jocelyn what her chickens had layed!

Jocelyns most adorable response..... "They're cute! Can we eat them now?"

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