Monday, March 29, 2010

Topsy Turvy Doll

This has been a project I've been wanting to create for awhile now and thought it would make a perfect gift for Ariana's 1st Birthday. There was a topsy turvy doll floating about the past few generations of girls in our family and it has since gonna missing in action. Maybe she'll turn up someday but I though it was about time a new gal was introduced to my girls. I enjoyed making her so much I may just have to make a few more!
Start to finish it took about 4 hours, wouldn't of taken so long but I had to come up with a design and pattern. Not to mention the dress was like trying to figure out a jigsaw puzzle! I love how simple she is. Now I'm temped to make up some more and of course see if they'll sell!

Here she "they" are, in need of clothes...and with their final wardrobe!

Happy 1st Birthday my little miss Ariana!


  1. That is awesome! One of these days I'll get to making things!