Friday, January 28, 2011

Sensory Play

Today was a laid back Friday but right before dinner I thought a little distraction was needed so I could cook in peace! All the girls were full of energy today and getting into trouble. After they dumped an entire bag of goldfish into dirty recycling containers, it was high time for momma to step in.
Soup was on the menu so a sensory bin soup seemed appropriate. Dry rice, black beans, and popcorn along with some cheap plastic magnetic letters. I was going to trash them since I never cared for cheap fridge magnets but they are perfect for fishing out of the sensory bin. I set up on our play mat and added some random tools including a magnetic fishing pole from a puzzle, toaster tongs, strainer scoop thingy, tweezers from a bug kit, etc.

They sat impatiently while I set up and took pictures.

Wiggles was amazed!

Sugar Bean kept expressing how much she LOVED her sensory bin!

They would of played all night but clean up was in order for dinner. Although I nearly had a canary when despite my pleas to keep it in the box or atleast on the mat, hubby pointed out beans clear across the room! Ah yes, our home is just a cozy preschool!

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