Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pajama Day

We love pj days! For one less laundry for mommy and two who doesn't love hanging around in your snuggies! The "plan" today was to actually knock out some clutter after schooltime but of course the kiddos and the weather had other ideas. Schooltime started out fairly normal. . .

Then we got a wee bit sidetracked with some extended playtime with MUS blocks. All good!

Then since potty training is in full swing with Wiggles we spent every other moment sitting on the potty! And when I say every other moment I'm not joking!

Wiggles was very concerned when her potty was swept away and brought back empty! One of those, "all that work and ya took it away mommy?!" For the record it was a very successful potty morning. As in mommy accomplished nothing else!
Lunch and then naps while mommy went out to chop ice off the steps so Daddio doesn't break his neck when he comes home. Talk about beautiful! The ice encrusted trees and the sound of the rain was so peaceful! Call me crazy but I was totally in the moment.

Our bunting under the "play canopy" was frozen stiff.

June Bug had some mommy time alone!

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