Saturday, June 19, 2010


She's beautiful and a bundle of cuteness!!!! So I promised our "labor" day story and here it is....
Well start with May 25th Doctors appt... The plan for this appt was to stir things up and head to the hospital but change of plans, we were 3-4cm, 80% effaced, -1 and decided to go home and wait for nature to take it's course with no idea we'd make it to our next weeks appt. We spent the week doing last minute tidying and I of course had to get bossy about every little thing.
Tuesday June 1st 2010....I knew for sure this was it. There was no way in hell I was coming home after this appt. I was determined to have this baby even if it meant hitting the local ER! So after getting my appt time screwed up we arrived for our appt after a McD's lunch. (I just had a chicken salad & Iced tea) The In-Laws meet us there. Despite the doc being a bit shall we say an "ass" about going to the hospital, he finally agreed after seeing that we were now 6cm, 100% effaced, & +1. So we scooted over to the hospital, thankfully finding out the doc I want (Abbruzzi) would be doing our delivery. YEA! Seriously her tiny hands didn't scare me like the other docs "baseball" glove sized hands! Plus she connected on a momma level much better.
Okay so we settled into our room, checked our progress and apparently I had been contracting every 2 minutes and they were pretty strong. Water was broken at 4pm and we were off! See I've got this crazy pain tolerance that amazes all the staff. "You're seriously okay with that pain?" So we did two rounds thru the halls and came back to the room to sit on the birthing ball (those big exercise balls) After what seemed like only 15 minutes, I assume that was it since I only made it thru 3 songs on my Mp3 player. (All the while giving orders and trying to maintain control over what cameras we needed, kids drinks, etc.)Yes music while contracting at this point was great as a distraction atleast until the last few were so strong I had to focus. Oh music choices would make the older generation cringe....Hinder and Godsmack rocked me thru those contractions. Anyway those last few contractions had me hanging onto James and burying my face in his shirt, I should admit here I think I may of bit him and nearly pulled his shorts down...LOL! I recall hearing my Mom say something about, "we need you to move now, right now!" and suddenly a half a dozen arms drug me up onto the bed, while James I believe stated, "Um, I see hair!" Yea so that hair was Bella crowning, if it wasn't for sitting on that birthing ball she would of just birthed her way onto the floor! Hum? That explains alot! So the rest went so fast I had to refer to the video James cousin JeNell was taking.
Once I hit the bed, I reached up for the squatting bar, stupid thing by the way since it was nearly impossible to reach with a huge belly in the way! After another strong contraction, Mom got in my face and told me to get on top of the contractions and focus. I vividly remember her calm but very stern voice, "Look at my eyes, Listen!" coaching a  "Yes Mom" out of me. With my younger sister Sarah at my back and James over my shoulder, Mom at my side....another contraction my crazy self yelling  "I can't do it"....we all knew on those very words that baby was coming out! I've muttered that same line with both of the other girls and seconds later they were born. So with two majorly focused pushes ...bam....woop... there she was.... all 8lbs 10oz of baby girl!!!! Yea it really was that fast, like holy crap! 7:17pm she made her lovely entrance leaving me a bit shall we say amazed and sore but with only one tiny tear needing a few stitches. YEAAA!!!!
So while I was being tended to and Bella was attempting her first meal I demanded dinner....Sonic cheese burger, banana shake, and fries! (hospital food sucks!) OH YA!
That's basically drugs or epidural, just the wonderful pain of old school labor! So it's been just over 2 weeks and baby Bella is growing beautifully and I'm surviving. Needless to say Jocelyn and Ariana are doing a fine job at driving me nuts but that's to be expected. Now officially a family of 5....weee!

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  1. Good for you! Glad things went smoothly ... Sounds like things went pretty fast once they got going ... I've had some like that, too: Really tough, but relatively short.
    I know what you mean about hospital staff being shocked by anybody that dares to handle the pain on their own, (not to mention anybody that tries walking around during labor!)
    We still chuckle and shake our heads when we think about a nurse who was there for 2 of our births: she could not BELIEVE how fast things went once they broke my water (even to the point of arguing with me or the dr ... not funny), and I'm thinkin' maybe it had to do with no pain meds.
    Good for you, and I'm glad your beautiful baby arrived safe and sound.