Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The weather was cool enough for me to tolerate this morning so Jocelyn and I decided to get the playroom in order. Can't say it'll last long but nothing a snow shovel can't fix! lol! This room will be constantly evolving since the wee ones interests are sure to change but this it it for now.
We had previously divided the room with the yard gates but ditched that idea since it wasn't keeping the toys or the tots contained. Plus it was needed for the outside play area.
The grand tour... Originally this room was the enclosed side porch and the "main" entrance to the house but our plans are the finish the room for the tots and make the actually front door accessible. Mind you the money has to be there to get this project started but you can't help but dream. So one day it'll happen. Right now we can only use the "playroom" during nice weather. Too hot or too cold and it's useless since it needs proper insulation and a regular outside door. So for now early morning and late afternoon is the only time it's comfortable out there. Hopefully we can get it mostly completed by winter so we can still use it.
So anyway onto the fun stuff...
We have the floor covered with the playmat except where the main path is to the door. This give the tots some designated toy dumping space and keeps dirty foot traffic off their play area.
For the organizing junkies out there...
Pappy built the custom cubby for the Ikea bins so the smaller toys are all neatly organized. We've got some more labeling to do but they work like a charm!
I added a rectangular shelf that James made in highschool since they needed more space for odd toys.
An Easter bucket works perfect for the sidewalk chalk
Dollar store bucket for bubbles
A wire trash bin for bat and balls 
A large clear bin for building blocks
Clear storage boxes with individual slots for matchbox cars
Huggies wipes containers for crayons & markers
Then the stray bookshelf works great for books, puzzles, coloring books, lacing cards, etc.
Baby doll accessories are stacked in the corner
Riding toys slide under the bookshelf
 We leave the picnic table inside since it makes for a great place for the kiddies to color and serve each other yummy pretend kitchen treats! On rainy days or when I just can't watch them outside I bring the small slide in, too.
For the time being baby gear has to occupy a corner but it doesn't seem to be in the way yet.

I love having a designated place for the kids to play. Having all their toys in the bedroom was out of the question since I am a firm believer that a room full of toys reeks havoc on a restful room meant for sleep. They are only permitted to have a small bin of quiet toys in the bedroom and a hanging net with stuffed animals. I didn't care for all the toys in the livingroom either. But we do have a toy box in the livingroom that doubles as extra seating with misc and baby toys. That keeps livingroom toy clean up a breeze. Jocelyn so far has shown that she can sort playroom toys from the livingroom toys when it's time to clean up, which makes my life easier!
As far as the school stuff, we inherited a beautiful antique ice box that originally I wanted to use for storing linens and kitchen wares but Jocelyn had other plans! It's not organized yet but it will house our school supplies. I figured placing it in the diningroom will make for quick access for school and easy clean up for meals. Of course this plan could change too since my organizing tends to revolve around the space and pieces I have. So who knows! More blogging about that another time!
So that's the start of letting you into my house one organized corner at a time. No promises on how long it'll take before the next corner is presentable!

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