Saturday, August 21, 2010

Proto backback... tutorial later

So much to do and so little time but for starters there has been a battle over the one and only toddler backpack in the house. Jocelyn and Ariana want to carry it around but you know how that goes. Sharing is not a strong quality for them as of yet. So I set about to create a new backpack for Ariana. The original  probably came from something like Weekly Reader or Highlights and was the perfect size. Sitting on the living room floor with my measuring tape, pen & paper I drafted a general pattern from it. All the while the girls kept running off with the measuring tape, scribbling on my measurements, and still fighting over who gets to wear it next. I managed to get a rough pattern made. I just used what I had on hand since this would be an extremely rough run. I hate wasting fabric and supplies on proto types. I had some medium weight canvas like stuff that fit the bill just fine. I thought I had some piping but must of been dreaming. I did however have some cheap shoe laces and bias tape, combined they fill in for piping.
I hadn't bothered using a proper zipper foot in years but heard it was a good idea for piping and I had to put in a zipper too. So I learned with only a little mumbled cursing how to use it...OMG that was easy. Then the trick was how to get all the pieces together in a fashion that would not require me to tear it apart a zillion times because of poor planning. The very unique backpack was finished after numerous interruptions of "mommy, more crackers, I gotta potty, She has my book!, Bellas crying mommy," blah blah blah.
Keep in mind this was only a test run so I didn't bother with being neat or using proper hardware or fancy straps. Just cut and dry basics.
Here's the original I'm trying to replicate....

And here is what I came up with....Ignore the sloppy sewing, trial run remember!

When I get it "tweaked" to my liking I want to use adjustable hardware for the straps with nice thick shoulder straps. I like the gusset pocket but have to perfect the flap and closure. I only used the make shift piping on the back seam but it could be used for the front too. I certainly think it could be either way although it does give it a more finished look and helps hold the form of the pack itself.
Sometime in September Ill try to get around to making another with the right supplies and maybe do a step by step tutorial. Who won't love to have a cute personalized backpack!

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