Saturday, August 21, 2010

simple sublime GIFTS... book review time!

I'm not the type to buy general craft books since nearly everything nowadays can be found online not to mention the awesome tutorials and unending ideas. But HELLO! Look at that Apron! I was instantly entranced with that chic "wonder"ful apron. I had to have it! Off I went searching the awesomely huge web for anything about it. How on earth did she get the childhood bread memory slapped onto that adorable apron? Thus the question that forced me to buy the book. After thought I could of just gone to the local big book store flipped open the cover and BAM read the simple trick but no had to have it! Minor regrets only because I'm never that easy with my money but it's gonna be okay, atleast that's what I'm telling myself.
So the review.
I'll be totally honest I'm not crazy impressed by the assortment of projects. There really isn't much assortment at all. Jodi Kahn has an apparent love affair with fabric transfers! A fairly large chunk of her ideas revolve around printing pics of everyday things like a soup labels or name tags and iron them onto items. I did think the Soup can was cute since my girls would love plush little cans of soup for their play kitchen.
With the exception of the illusive wonder apron you can find the how to on nearly every other goodie in this book online. Shrinky dinks for charms, notebooks and gift tags from cereal or candy boxes, fabric covered cards and photo frames, recycling towels into bags or quilts. All fairly elementary to the experienced sewers and crafters but certainly a cute gathering of ideas for those who like it wrapped up in a colorful book. I could see providing this book to up and coming crafters or those with no creative imagination. The step by step instructions are good but again I love the internets wealth of step by step "photo" tutorials and everyones feedback after they've tried to conquer a craft.

Jodi Kahn is a very sweet and crafty lady, I've enjoyed her on Martha Stewart and her Simply sublime blog occasional peaks my interest with this or that. Her book although in my opinion leaves not much more than the sixty other craft books already residing on the Barnes & Noble overstuffed shelves. This being said that darn apron had me! If you're the crafty type who can independently create your own apron or garment without instructions do so and don't forget the parchment paper, wonder bread wrappers, and your ironing board! Yea it is that simple! One other thing I learned but could of found right here on the web was Freezer Paper is the key to making your very own printable fabric.
You can buy Simply Sublime HERE on Amazon. Buy it! Don't Buy it! Or wait for it to hit the used book table.
I purchased this book on my own accord and was not paid, asked, or swayed by the Author or Publisher as to my opinion of this book.

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