Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unexpected Blessings Picture Patterns

Jocelyn and I have had our eyes open for a neat pattern block set since we saw some on Amazon. I was going to buy a set but figured I'd wait until after September when it was in the budget. Granted we still want a nice wooden set  but we were blessed today with a free set from our local thrift store! FREE! YEPPY! It's a Discovery Toys set and all the pieces are there. We couldn't get home fast enough to use it. For the past hour she's been sitting at the table sorting, stacking, and making neat patterns and pictures with her new set. We've been very blessed lately with school supplies that just seem to turn up or we find amazing deals. Just wanted to share her excitement.
My blogging will pick back up after the 12th of Sept. We are preparing for our local festival which requires hours of crafting and sewing on my part and tug of war attention getting from the rest of my family. Finding the time to squeeze in everything in near impossible.
Until then....school away my dears!

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  1. That's awesome! Cool finds like that are definitely a blessing ... a nice reminder that God notices even little things we want. Enjoy!