Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Highchair projects???

So I was hitting up our local freecycle and didn't think twice the other morning when I saw someone getting rid of two wooden highchairs. Mind you most of the time with freecycle you never really know what your getting until you pick it up but I couldn't resist. Classic old wooden highchairs are hard to find, let alone FREE!  We have one of our own very similar to the Jenny Lind style I picked up  and thought maybe one of these would be in better condition. But it gets better!!! All the highchairs have obviously old crappy hardware and safety belts are nonexistent so I found a website that sells the hardware and the belts. So for about $22 I can replace the belts and hardware and whether or not I restain or paint them, I can upcycle these babies for less then $30 a piece. The Jenny Linda sells for $90+ on amazon!
Now if only I could find the time to do it! Hopefully they won't sit and be forgotten about. Perhaps I can make this one of my "Mommy alone time" projects.
What to do with them afterwards, who knows???? Maybe gift for a new baby or sell them? OH FUN!

This is the link for the hardware...

The Jenny Lind chair I think I'll just lightly touch up and refinish, add new hardware and such. The second one I'm not sure, maybe a funky repaint or stain? Any ideas????

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