Monday, May 24, 2010

Jocelyns "Super Epic Birthday Cake"

Nothing is better than the smile on a three year olds face when she discovers the cake she's been begging for is right in front of her! Many special Thanks to "Whisk Kid" for her incredible recipe and video instructions via The Martha Stewart. After watching the "color" episode, Jocelyn insisted on this cake. So we found Whisk Kids blog and went to town making plans for this EPIC cake. I must of read the directions a dozen time and watched the video clip over and over just to make sure I didn't miss anything.  I bake all the time but this cake had to be perfect!

FOR THE BAKERS OUT THERE....Just a note on the Frosting & Cake... We only used the first batch of Frosting for her cake and it was PLENTY for our liking. Tasted so good too! Second day leftovers I recommend setting out of the fridge for a bit before ya eat it so the frosting softens up. Also, I had made the cake itself a week in advance and froze the individual layers wrapped in cling wrap and freezer bags, then set out to thaw before icing. Worked like a charm! The frosting I made the morning of the party.

So a very happy 3 yr old had the party of her dreams centered around "you can make that cake mommy!"
Lil Miss Jocelyn your Smile says it all!!!! Happy Birthday baby girl!


  1. Your cake turned out wonderfully! Jocelyn is such a doll - she looks so happy!

    I'm very happy to hear that freezing the layers worked out well for you :)

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