Sunday, May 16, 2010

The waiting game!

Yep we're still here waiting for baby Bella to show her pretty lil face! I'm keeping busy trying not stress out but y'all know patience is far from my best quality! So how does one keep her mind off of the long wait!
Plant anything in the garden I can get my hands on... Clean the same things over and over... Let the house get trashed just so I have something to fret about... Bake yummy goodies including Jocelyns 6 layer bday cake for next weekend... Chase a big black rat snake out of the tree and save the baby robins... Making big project plans for after d-day... Get label crazy and slap labels on everything... and my two favorites... EAT and SEW SEW SEW!
My latest cute project is the pillowcase dress Jocelyn is so adorably modeling above. OMG! It's so cute and easy to make. The pillowcase was one that James' late Nana had embroidered. I have a few more I can't wait to make! I don't know about you but they look so old fashioned and cute I can't resist! Jocelyn loves it and I had to nearly pry it from her body tonight just so i could wash it. LOL! Off to go hunt down a bunch more to get creative with... Is is crazy that I want a cute lil top for myself made from one? hehehe!

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  1. I know girl... Nancy was three weeks late!!! But my doctor told me to drink a few and spend some quality time with my husband... it did the trick! (but you can spare me the details if it works for you =) love you.