Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Diaper Washing

So again here's another topic that everyone has their preference and the best way to do it. So here's my diaper washing how to...

Between washes I store the dirty diapers in a "wet" bag (for travel and the nursery) and/or the "dirty" bucket (sitting by the washer).
After a diaper change if it's just a wet one I simply throw it in the bag or bucket. If it's a yucky one it gets a good shake over the toilet and any solids, get flushed. One great thing about breastfeed babies is their poo washes right out in the wash! Once they start eating solids, well that's what you get solids! Ha! I avoid dropping wipes into the toilet since our toilet would probably have a fit! Honestly best to keep them out of any toilet unless you want to call the plumber!

 Cold pre-rinse with no detergent.
Hot or Warm Wash full cycle with detergent, sometimes on this rinse I add a splash of vinegar.
Another Cold rinse.

I line dry in the sun 99% of the time. The sun is the best bleaching agent and kills bacteria. When the weather is not working with me the covers hang dry inside. The inserts, prefolds, bar towels etc, I run in the dryer til they are dry. I hate using the dryer for anything so I'm constantly watching the weather to coordinate my laundry time!

Again for very detailed washing instructions and even some of the science of maintaining ph levels see...

As for detergents I use my homemade recipe but there are lots of detergents that are free of phosphates, fragrance, optical brighteners and dyes that you can find. The above link is also good for that. I've also heard that Charlies Soap is great for diapers but I have no personal experience with it yet.

So good luck on your diaper washing challenge! Once you get a hang of it, it's a breeze!

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