Monday, July 27, 2009

Six little Chickies!

"By the end of the summer I'm gonna get some chickens! You watch!" Yes those were my determined words I repeated for the past few months. My family had 4 chickens when I was a teenager and I had some back in the day down south about 20 birds of everything from a ridiculous sized leghorn to tiny black bantams that looked like fluffy balls. My favorite being a "classic" rooster who was despite a handicap incurred from cock fights (he was rescued) had earned the name "Manhore" for as the name states loved all the hens. That rooster wasn't scared of anything! But it has been a good 7 years or so since I've had the pleasure of my own flock to fuss over. So despite the cards being stacked against me in a way, I have been on a mission to have my bitty egg layers. Searching craigslist everyday for weeks I'd watch and reply to anyone who posted ads with chickens. Just over a week ago my persistence paid off. A couple was looking for a home for 6 "soon too lay" chickens. I replied and to my disappointment it was a no go, someone else had first dibs. Not too long later I received a call, the birds were mine! My "always there when ya need her" Mom was there to assist in the retrieval. They only cost me $10 for all six. Yes I know a total steal, I kinda feel like I rescued the lil' gals. Their living conditions left a bit to be desired. Although it's taken me time to get them totally settled, their new home is on it's way to being quite cozy. No names yet as I can't tell them apart very well. They're this years birds, in other words for the chicken illiterate, "teenagers". With a proper diet they should have no trouble at all laying by fall. I'm fairly certain they're Rhode Island Reds although part of me suspects they may be Red Stars since they have specks of white but that could also be because their young. Either way great layers and brown eggs! The gals are fairly calm and always looking for a hand out! No problem picking them up although they love pecking jewelry! They are in a pen actually a dog kennel. I'm building the coop this week. Until then it's kind of a makeshift roost. We can't have free range for obvious reasons so we'll have a bit more work making sure they get plenty of greens everyday. So now the wait begins for that first egg! I can't forget to mention the neighbors have a free range rooster that greets us every morning when he thinks the suns coming up!

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  1. I think that is great! I want an omelet when I come to visit.