Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look Blueberries Mommy!

Jocelyn was in blueberry heaven yesterday! We as in James, Jocelyn, Ariana, Mer Mer (my cousin), and I went to a local pesticide free blueberry farm. see it here! Talk about an excited little girl! She loves them so much they made her sick a few weeks back because she ate so many. But that didn't stop her, "More blueberries mommy?" We were only there for an hour and a half because we had other pressing responsibilities but it was plenty of time to pick a good amount. I intend to go back again without Jocelyn so I can pick faster and stock up for winter and hopefully again this weekend with her so she can enjoy them again. Our favorite thing to do with them is freeze them and eat them as a snack. Of course in our pancakes, too.
My gardening obsession kicked in and now I want a dozen bushes of my own. I can't help it! Unfortunately our property needs a lot of work before it would be fertile enough for that. So in the mean time maybe a few potted ones?
As we were leaving I spotted this luna moth hanging out on the side of the barn...cool.

check out the farm here! 

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  1. YOu have to find her a copy of "Blueberries for Sal". Gram read it to us as kids. :o)