Friday, July 10, 2009

Socks & Festivals

Who doesn't love a fun hobby or craft to keep them busy? I've been doing craft shows and festivals for quite a few years now. Nearly every weekend somewhere we'd load up early in the morning, coffee in hand and set up for a eventful weekend. If I wasn't by myself I was with my mum-in-law. Little church and firehouse shows to the "ya don't get in unless you're good" to the strictly judge and handmade to my favorite...3 day long Palmerton Festival that I only got my own spot because the "jelly" lady passed away! Bless her soul. This past year I had to cut back since the lil' ones have me much too busy to craft 24/7. So I dropped out of all the shows but Palmerton Festival, of which I will never give up until I reach the same end as our blessed jelly lady. There's just something about that festival that makes you giddy. Ya talk about it all year, meet people ya didn't know lived down the street, and of course the profits make it well worth the exhausting 3 days of no sleep. You could sleep, although you probably go home each night trying to fill custom orders and restock. Maybe it's just me (and the mum-in-law) but it's the one time during the year I look forward to as much as Christmas. Why? It's so fun! A mass of crafters selling everything from "granny" doilies, nuts & bolts jewelry, stained glass, quilted everything, and of course "funky sock monkeys"! The smell of every food vendor in the area along with local church ladies yummy treats. Small town bands, silly rides, and socializing with young and old. Mind you I am one of the youngest crafters there with the exception of the "head crafters" daughter who makes beautiful jewelry. It's a family event that really ends the summer with a bang!
I've always loved creating things, it's rewarding and satisfying. Tinkering with this and that... "can I make something out of this?" Last year I expanded my usual hemp jewelry and displayed a few other handcrafted goodies. I appeal to the younger crowd since the majority of the other crafters are much older and their goods appeal to well frankly the "old folks". Why would I want five different toilet paper covers? (Okay be nice!)

Sock monkeys make everyone smile! Come on their adorable! I made some sock horses too but I had come up with those at the last minute so only made a few. I think I've perfected them this year at least to my taste. I sold out of them last year so fast my table looked horrible by Saturday at noon.
My hemp jewelry is just that hemp jewelry. Little of this a little of that. All cool! The soda tab jewelry rocked...bracelets were the best bet....chokers did okay. I'm a bit of a green freak so recycled stuff is right up my alley! My sling rings were inspired by a local mom I chased down in the park a couple years ago and begged her to tell me where she go it. She had made it. So hey why not, I mastered a pattern all my own and there ya go. A lady even bought one to carry her little dog in...funny. My AIO (all-in-one) cloth diapers are a hit with eco-conscience moms and I picked up a few orders.

So this year, who knows, I have a few new ideas to change things up but for the most part I want to keep it simple. That's my thing...practical, recycled, fun, and unique. So less than two months to get stocked and ready for that early morning! I've got a great spot that I don't intend to give up and some great memories to make.

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