Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall party with snow!

Snow in October? Yep we enjoyed our first snow for the season today and my oh my it is beautiful. Just wanted to share some pics...

View of the back hillside

The front walk is blocked by down trees :-(

The hens are not happy about the sudden change in weather!

Some quick decorating for the much requested "party" that momma was continually questioned about for the past two weeks. We just ate dinner at the cool pumpkin table and danced around with costumes from the dress up box.
If you are curious how I made the "bat tree" as it has been named, you'll need...
Scrawny corn stalks (from our failed corn crop)
Tree limbs (we used crab apple)
Canning jar
Pack of rubber bats (found these at Kmart)
Spider web stuff
Optional marbles or sand to weigh down jar or stack some pumpkins around :-)

I just crammed everything in the jar, Sugar Bean hung the bats and we strung some webbing. That's it! Instant decor! I put some candy in canning jars because who doesn't love some country charm?!

We don't go all creepy Halloween here just fun kiddi stuff. Painting pumpkins, make cookies, a few coloring projects, and throw around some streamers. Then momma makes dinner and we eat. Super simple and just enough excitement to make the kids happy.

Wiggles making cookies.

Sugar Bean too! They ate half of them by lunchtime!

Snow before November is just crazy!

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