Sunday, July 24, 2011

Procrastination & Napkins

Yes it's true I'm the queen of procrastination! Unless it's something I absolutely want to do it's just gonna sit until I either HAVE to do it or finally get the motivation to get it done.
This time of year I'm the worst. I want to play in my garden and play with the kids not sit inside working. I participate in our town festival every year selling crafts. It's the second weekend of September. I swear every year I'll work a little here and there to build stock but every year around this time, I'm panicking to get it all done. It'll never change, I work well under pressure and apparently enjoy torturing myself year after year. So again today I glared at the pile of work that must be done and turned away looking for something else to do. Yep I admit it! But in my defense I only blew a half hour and taught myself how to thread my serger. Funny I should mention the serger was a gift for my birthday back in February and I'm just now breaking it in, despite it being on my want list since i drooled over my moms as a kid. The fabric for the napkins I made today was purchased 11 years ago, it wasn't cut into napkin squares until 6 years ago and today I finally serged the edges. So sad, yes so very very sad. Okay you can stop laughing now!!!! These napkins had a long journey and will have a story to tell, especially after my gremlins get their sticky fingers on them.

So here's my Serger getting a workout... It's idiot proof threading too!

Now I have thirteen simple cloth napkins! Why an odd number? I have no clue probably just what I could get out of the fabric.

For the "how'd ya make 'em?" crowd.... Easy! Cut fabric to the size you want and zip thru the serger. No rolled edges needed.

See are they not the easiest little napkins to make? And I even have the perfect basket to house them in. The basket was given to me by a friend who has a beautiful collection of baskets. Thank you again!

So that's the story of the 11 year napkins! Lol! Now I need to stop playing around and get back to real work...

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  1. I love it! And it all sounds so familiar! (Good thing I work well under pressure, too ... I've got three dresses to sew for my three girls to wear to a wedding that's in less than two weeks.) And, yeah. Those projects that sit around for a decade (I've got 'em, too) are all the sweeter when we finally spend the little bit of time it takes to get them done! Enjoy the beautiful napkins!