Monday, June 27, 2011

Cake tutorial... My first try at Marshmallow fondant

So it's been a productive week thus far and I'm hoping it continues! We had a birthday in the family and I volunteered or perhaps begged and insisted I made the cake. So I set out to provide the birthday girl with a cake. The following shows my first attempt at making a cake with marshmallow fondant.
The fondant recipe itself is simply marshmallows, powered sugar, water and vanilla.
This is the recipe I used

So she wanted a '69 mustang cake. Mind you I've never made a car cake, in fact the castle for my Sugar Bean was about as adventurous as I've been.

You'll need to bake two 9 x 13 cakes. I did a chocolate and vanilla.

Cut out a sturdy base for your car. Leaving notches for the wheels. Keep in mind the type of vehicle and it can't be any larger than your cake sliced in half.

Cut one of the cakes in half lenghth wise, frost in between layers. Oh be sure to level your cake as well. Stack as shown on top of your cardboard base.

Now carve away! Keep in mind the basic shape of the car. Use a pic as reference if need be. Or just wing it! Lol!

Frost the entire car, this will act as the glue to keep the fondant from falling off later. Now go ahead and roll out your Marshmallow fondant.

Drape your base cake. Be sure you frosted it prior to laying the MMF on. Trim carefully!

Repeat with the car. Be gentle! No pulling or tugging just let it fall naturally then you can manipulate it.

Now the fun begins! Get as creative and crazy as you want, decorate as you wish! Trim, cut, and design. When your ready make a cardboard riser for the car base to sit on. If you choose not to your wheels won't sit right and you'll have to have them sunk in the base. Transfer car onto the cake base. Viola! Add your wheels and finishing touches and you're finished!

It may not be a perfect replica but I think ya get the idea.

It was certainly fun to make!

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