Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bananas and more bananas!

Again blessings come when you lest expect them and this week was a fine example. We received 40 lbs of bananas ready and ripe! Now what on earth do you do with such a large number of bananas, you say? We shared 6 lbs right away, delivered 3 lbs to my momma who was under the weather, and we ate 3 lbs on our own. Then we made enough banana chips to fill two dehydrators. The girls peeled tons of bananas and had a blast...

Then I realized we peeled to many for the dehydrators and they'd go brown before the first batch was finished so we saved those for the freezer. Reality hit when I discovered I didn't have near enough freezer bags because we never use them. We always use containers, not enough of those either. So the huge bowl overflowing w bananas went in the fridge. The following day the girls and I went yard sailing and among our great finds was....

Yea! Freezer containers!!!!! God bless the old man who was delighted to be rid of them.
All things work together for good and now we have enough banana for bread, smoothies and whatever else we can come up with!
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  1. Wow! If we had that many bananas in our home my one year old would be thrilled. He eats as many bananas as he sees on the shelf. I have to keep hiding them.