Thursday, March 10, 2011

Workboxes Our Way!

I'll admit I haven't read Sue Patrick's Workbox System yet. I always buy books used and have yet to find one even on eBay. :-( Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will pass one my way but in the meantime I've been plucking ideas and scouring every blog I can find on the topic. I love structure and order although by the looks of my house you'd wonder!
We love our little workbox system! Probably pretty basic compared to some but for now it works.
I have Sugar Bean set up with the ten drawer cart. She's in Pre-k.

Even with ten drawers she still wants more once we've finished! We start with the top drawer which is always calendar time and progress with each drawer in order to the end. I don't number the drawers as of yet. We are trying to keep it as easy for her as possible. So once she has completed a drawer she removes the tag and places it on her "I Did it" chart.

That's the chart in the lower left.

Then at the end of the day I replace the tags back on the drawers and switch out any I want to change and restock any consumables. We don't change all of them everyday only some. Anything that doesn't fit in a drawer get set on top.
After reading Amandas post
I think we are going to add snacks and maybe we will number the boxes afterall. Perhaps it will help with identifying numbers.

Wiggles is doing tot school, she doesn't have her own cart yet. She helps Sugar Bean with hers and I also have a bin of puzzles and independent motor skill things she can work on when big sis is doing big girl work. For the most part though they work together, for now anyway. ;-)

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  1. I kinda do my own thing with workboxes too. I love the different folder games you can make up. I have yet to find Sue's book second hand either. Good luck with that. If I come across a copy I will let you know. Have a great week.