Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're having a giveaway!

In the mood for a giveaway! What preschooler doesn't love puzzles!
Three preschool puzzles with food themes, fruits, veggies, and sweets!
Bright colors and big pieces. Need a little something new to add to your stash of fun!

Okay boys and girls here's the deal...
To enter to win...
1. Follow this blog. Leave a comment to let me know.
2. Refer a friend to follow. Leave a comment to let me know.
3. Comment on another post and leave a comment here to let me know.
4. Follow us on Twitter @Econutsupermom

Four chances to win! Be sure there is a way for me to reach you.

The kids and hubby will draw a number at random and we will announce a winner Saturday (19th) Woohoo!

Ready, Set, Go!

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  1. Well since I don't have any little ones - I guess I won't enter =) Love you guys!!!

  2. Yep this one was a bust but maybe next time.