Thursday, February 24, 2011

Curriculum curiosity

It won't be long until curriculum fairs begin and the mad craziness of what should we use starts. I'm a firm believer that every child has a unique way of learning. That being said I get to have a blast searching and discovering new ways to introduce even the most basic skills. So what do you do with three crazy eager to learn kiddos who's learning levels range from baby to tot to preschooler? Ya have fun! Just playing with classic alphabet blocks becomes a learning experience for all three.

As much as we like to play we have our "base curriculum" that keeps me on track. Sure they are just wee ones but why not give them a firm foundation?

Math-U-See Primer Level

Who doesn't just love blocks!? This is by far one of the girls favorite subjects!

All About Spelling Level 1

This program is awesome! A perfect base to bounce our letters and word building off of.

Handwriting without tears

We were already doing something similar on our own but this saved me the extra work of making my own manipulatives!

Song school Greek

Okay so I want them to be brilliant! The key to learning languages is experience in our root languages so Greek and Latin on on our list!

Now there are some other subjects obviously we are not using set curriculum for yet. Like science, geography, history, etc.
At this age it's more about experiencing within our environment. Everyday experiences provide unending opportunities! Ice cubes melt, Nan Nan lives far away in Florida, a long time ago knights rode horses, and on and on.

Life skills are another one I feel the public school systems lack. So we push our children to master skills that will help them become strong leaders. Mind you that's another blog for another day.
So for our other favorites we use...
-Letter of the Week Curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler
-Leap Frog DVDs, tag readers, and toys
-Baby Signs Program
-Dozens of puzzles, games, manipulatives, activities, art projects, etc. It's all about hands on!

We have our calendar time, chore charts, etc.

Since I love to be organized and God knows my house hasn't been clean and organized in years, we adopted the Workbox System to keep at least schooltime organized.

I'll be doing individual reviews on some of our programs over the next few weeks. Keep in mind we're crazy chaotic here so feel free to nag me if I slack off!

Happy schooling!
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