Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lil Miracles

Every so often something happens that makes us step back, thankful for those little things in life. Such was the case this past year. I don't recall all the details or even the date but I do remember how I felt. Finances as usual had James and I stressed to our limit. Where was the extra cash we needed to get by? Why does this always happen? Does anyone care? What are we going to do? We were trying to be strong for each other but we were reaching the ends of our ropes. Something was going to snap!

The bills for the month had been gathered and nothing was adding up. We were quite frankly, Screwed! We had tapped out the usual "Hey Ma, we need to borrow cash." and the savings well that was dust in the wind. Although I don't recall the bill that was causing the headache, I do remember that whatever it was if it didn't get paid we we're doomed! $110 was all we needed to come up with. No biggie, right? Yes, for some that's pocket change but for those of us in the real world living paycheck to paycheck that was enough to send the strongest couple to their knees.

My Mother-in-law was headed over that day to help with the little ones and I was trying to be upbeat and positive. She saw right through me. I told her what was wrong and told her I know God will provide and this is just a test of my faith but honestly I was cursing Him with every step. Why was he doing this to us AGAIN! Blame was shot back and forth as to who's fault it was in the first place but that was getting us nowhere.

It was just before noon and I heard the mailman pull up. I slipped out for a few minutes to take out the trash and get the mail. As I walked to the mail box I tried to take in the fresh air and say a little thanks for the beautiful day, although inside I felt as if the world was crashing in on me. I dreaded James coming home from work knowing he would be expecting me to of figured out a way to make it all work. No such luck and he'd be home in a few hours. I scanned through the usual mundane junk mail and went inside. Mom-in-law (Linda) was washing dishes and smiled saying how much she loved doing dishes. "Comical", I thought, only she would love doing something like that. As I put the mail down an envelope slipped from between a grocery circular, I knelt down to pick it up. Our address neatly handwritten, thinking perhaps a invitation to a party I quickly opened it. A tiny handmade card with a simple message requesting an order of a dozen cloth diapers from a previous customer, whom I had done business with nearly a year earlier. There in the crease of the card was folded a check for $113 just $3 more than what we needed. I nearly hit my knees in tears. "Oh my God! Oh my GOD! Look!" I cried to Linda, "What are the chances of that! It's a freakin' miracle!" That day of all days to receive a check in the mail for the exact amount plus change to spare. If that's not a miracle what is?

I couldn't wipe the grin off my face the rest of the day and everyone I talked to heard about it. God works in all sorts of ways and just when you think you just can't take one more minute and the stress is squeezing the life out of you, stop and breath for a moment and thank your Creator for giving you this life. No matter how bad it may seem to "suck", there are those little moments I like to call miracles that push us through another day. These types of things happen all the time all around us and yet we tend to over look them or take them for granted. Sometimes He just has to put us on our knees to see the big picture.

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  1. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. It's so neat to experience those things God does that show us that He knows, He notices, and He takes us seriously. ~ Susie